Food Safety and Hygiene Retail - Level 2 Bundle

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How it Works

  • We are not able to allocate courses within the bundle to different individuals, so you will need to purchase one of these bundles for each of your intended users.
  • Purchase the number of bundles that you require by clicking the ‘buy’ button above
  • After making your purchase you will be directed to a page where you can create a coordinators dashboard – follow the instructions to set up a dashboard and to allocate your courses to your student(s)
  • The course materials will work on any internet enabled device running an up to date internet browser. Each user will have 90 days from the initial enrolment to log on and complete their courses.
  • The courses do not need to be completed in one sitting. Students can log out and return any time up until the bundle is completed or until the 90 day access expires.
  • Students can download the course certificates as soon as they pass the end of course online test.
  • Users access to the bundle will expire on completion of the bundle or after the 90 days from initial enrolment (whichever is sooner).